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I wanted to create a real homey home for my small family. They want nothing but the best for their child, and the many more they plan to have. They had a little more than the average sim in the piggy bank from all their work and hobbies. So I thought it was time to upgrade, naturally. Plenty skilling items in the house, and outside. I know this family is going to be booming with babies and kids soon, which is why it’s mainly an all open floor plan. This is the first fully functional and homey feeling house I’ve created in awhile. Sims 4 you are so refreshing ugh. I actually finished a whole house, not just a room. A house, that I built from scratch. Just wow. I haven’t done this in so long, and it took like 20 minutes not even. Ugh. 

All I could think of while making this Sim was that line from White Chicks.

Trying to find my personal Sims 4 editing style..this may take awhile.

I’ve been dying. His first thoughts after hearing the big news was hilarious to me. Brighten day, impression, profess undying love, impress- just omg. And she’s feeling VERY CONFIDENT jknd

Sims 4

You can apologize…in bed. It’s an actual option. And! Your sim can become embarrassed like my girl did when her proposal was rejected and all she wanted to do was hide in bed, and there was an option to click the bed and hide in it. Fuck me it’s perfect. And their little expressions are adorable, ugh this game. You can even learn 13 gluten free recipes just wow this game is amazing. The different style of walking is so refreshing. And you unlock achievements, I’ve unlocked some owl thing for keeping my sims up 24 hours, and introvert for no social interaction for 24 hours. It’s fun. It’s like it’s a game again, with many things to unlock and discover and actually put some effort into it. I’ve been dying to take shots but it escapes my mind while I’m playing because I’m enjoying it. I wanted to share my thoughts because I was skeptic at first haha.

Getting Sims 4 right now tho 

This is Bug. Bad bug. Bug bad. Pugs not drugs.

Eat your homework, do your teachers, listen to veggies.

This set gathers up basically how it was when I got my first place.

All my furniture fit against one wall. 

Anonymous whispered: Hey! I was so happy to see you on my dash these past few days!! I used to adore your blog, so I hope this is an official "welcome back."

Hi! Oh wow, you are so thoughtful, thank you so much. Means a lot, I finally learned how to install sims 2 on windows 8.1 so now I can play! I just got smooth edges working as well. Now I just need a mouse so I can get camera angles with the wheel. Thanks again lovely!

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