You can never own too many white mugs.

This is Bug. Bad bug. Bug bad. Pugs not drugs.

Eat your homework, do your teachers, listen to veggies.

This set gathers up basically how it was when I got my first place.

All my furniture fit against one wall. 


Anonymous asked:
Hey! I was so happy to see you on my dash these past few days!! I used to adore your blog, so I hope this is an official "welcome back."

Hi! Oh wow, you are so thoughtful, thank you so much. Means a lot, I finally learned how to install sims 2 on windows 8.1 so now I can play! I just got smooth edges working as well. Now I just need a mouse so I can get camera angles with the wheel. Thanks again lovely!

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Sims 2

400 Lux.


Anonymous asked:
Can you please put more sims to download? They are simple perfect and I love your work!

Unfortunately I will never be able to return to Sims 2 gaming ever. I was kicked out of my mothers home and she would not let me take my computer. I’m so sorry if I could, I would upload all of them! ♥ - S.S.

Anonymous asked:
Please please pLEASE put some more sims up for download they r beautiful and flawless and uughhhhh